Sunday, February 24, 2019


** Just announced! Acclaimed whirling dancer Farima Berenji will be performing with HYMM! **

HYMM is comprised of eight musicians from diverse backgrounds that create a mesmerizing fusion of eastern & western music.

HYMM offers its audiences an east-meets-west experience, with the hope that their message of peace and togetherness comes through. HYMM members come from Iranian, Russian, Syrian, and Jewish backgrounds. They are all too aware of the conflicts reported in the news in these regions, and like to think that they are able to show instead how people can come together. In their view, differing backgrounds don’t have to mean conflict, and can represent peace and what we all have in common instead.

HYMM features:

Bijan Maysami (Santoor)

Brent Van Dusen (Percussion)

Aya Mhana (Oud & Vocal)

Paya Salem (Violin)

Sara Seyedi (Vocal)

Vahid Jahanshahi (Acoustic Guitar)

Greg Goldenberg (Bass Guitar)

Frank Rackow (Clarinet & Saxophone)