Theatre 1308 Presents!


Dear friend of Theatre 1308,

Last year, we set about creating a new performance venue that was to be intimate, fully-equipped and affordable. Turning this vision into reality required countless volunteer hours as well as substantial financial support from both Calgary Inter-Mennonite Church and The Calgary Foundation. Everything came together last February when we launched Theatre 1308 with our first annual Bright Side Festival. It was a fantastic "eight days of optimism" and we are so grateful for the enthusiastic support we received - thank you!!

What's next?

In the weeks that followed the festival we were approached by a number of local artists who were interested in using our venue. From our conversations emerged the concept of artist-curated programming. The idea was that Theatre 1308 would collaborate with a small number of progressive artists who would each create a unique concert series. These would feature exceptional performers and be decidedly forward-looking. Our model would seek to minimize the financial risk to performers, with an eye towards community building and long-term sustainability.

Thankfully, this idea has taken wings and we are thrilled to announce the inaugural season of Theatre 1308 Presents, featuring four unique concert series, curated by four amazing musicians - and one amazing philosopher!

We invite you to click the "Learn more" links below to meet our curators and see the excellent programming they have in store. Be sure to stay tuned to this email channel as we will be announcing many fantastic events in the coming weeks.

See you @ 1308!


Jazz @ 1308

Curated by Jon McCaslin

A new music concert series that features local Calgary jazz artists. Curated by jazz drummer Dr. Jon McCaslin, the original and creative voices of Calgary's jazz scene come alive, on stage at Theatre 1308.

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Beyond Boarders

Curated by Frank Rackow

The Beyond Borders series at Theatre 1308 features musicians and ensembles reaching across musical styles, traditions and borders to create new sounds and rhythms. From fusing Indian classical music with jazz, to exploring common elements in klezmer and Arabic music, the series offers new discoveries that will delight, surprise and move audiences.

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Curated by Jiajia Li & Laura Reid

A genre-blurring series providing a stage for new sound creation.

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Philosophers’ Cafe

Curated by Dr. Tinu Ruparell

U of C philosopher Dr. Tinu Ruparell and guests in conversation on a variety of topics. Each event features a mini-concert from a special musical guest.

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