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Jessica Armas Noda is an emerging contemporary artist, working primarily on acrylics. She often employs negative-intuitive painting technique and later works on top using gel skins technique, or zen-doodles drawings. Jessica was born in Cuba and now lives and works in Calgary, AB.

Jessica Armas Noda

Jumping from the building into the garden

Oct 18 - Dec 15, 2019

I have been interested in art & creations my entire life. Since I was a little kid, I used to get things done fast at the school to start drawing and sketching on the back of my notebook. I always playing to create something! On the other side, I was sometimes too hard with myself being under a misconception that art was a special gift that only some people were born with. I figured out that I was totally wrong! My creations are the result of something that I cannot hold inside of me, it simply pops up through my pores. So, I used to create dried floral arrangements, fashion and interior designs and mixed media paintings, as a hobby.

Later, I came to Canada looking for a better future for my family and for myself. I took courage to face my new life in all senses. I started my new artist career I like to call “I let myself go” and I decided to do what I always wanted, express my creativity and feelings through the canvas. I am an emerging contemporary artist, working primarily on acrylics. I usually employ negative intuitive painting technique (I let myself go) and I use it as a background. I make use of very diverse tools to create background shapes and textures, from kitchen utensils until my daughter’s toys. Then, I work on top of the canvas using gel skins – collage technique, if I am on a more realistic mood. When I have my emotional side activated, I draw zen-doodles instead, on top of my intuitive background. I am working hard to show the entire world that if you can feel art, you can create art.